Dr Martinez-Chantar has an extensive experience in the study of liver biology, particularly liver cancer, to which she has dedicated all her professional career. Since 2005, when she initiated her laboratory as a Principal Investigator and got “tenure” at CIC bioGUNE, Spain, her laboratory work has been continuously financially supported by government and private funding competitive sources, both national and international. Remarkable, she has been co-PI of four NIH with Dr. Lu (USC, Keck School of Medicine USC, Los Angeles, USA) in the field of liver disease. She was one of the partners in an ambitious European project so called HEPADIP Consortium, which was created in response to the topic of the 3rd call for proposals in the EU FP6 Programme. Actually, she is the coordinator of the Traslational Area of the National Institute for the study of Liver and Gastrointestinal Diseases (CIBEREHD) and the Scientific Advisory Board of the Molecular Medicine Center C3M Nice and IDIVAL. Finally, she is part of the select multinational group “Women in Hepatology” composed only of women experts in the field of Hepatology, with representatives from Europe and USA.

She has also held several collaborations with Pharmaceutical companies like AGIOS, Mitotherapeutix, Takeda Pharmaceutical, GALMED with 3 resultant patent applications and 2 commercialized products. Finally she has maintained a closed collaboration with the company OWL Metabolomics in the development of OWLiver® Care and OWLiver®, two non-invasive assays for fatty liver screening and for NASH diagnosis.