Balázs Győrffy

Dr. Balázs Győrffy is a full professor at Semmelweis University Budapest and a Momentum group leader at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He studied medicine at the Semmelweis University Budapest and at the Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg, Germany. He published over 100 scientific papers, submitted several patents and obtained doctoral degree in molecular genetics and bioinformatics. He worked several years at the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany and at the Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. He is a specialist of bioinformatical evaluation of genomic data. Dr Győrffy is one of the pioneers of integrating clinical and molecular data into oncological marker prediction systems. His achievements include the most widely used online tool in cancer research for the automated discovery and ranking of gene expression based biomarkers capable to predict survival. Furthermore, he completed independent validation for new biomarker candidates for estimating prognosis in breast, ovarian and colon cancer. These markers help to select patients best responding to a selected anticancer therapy. Finally, he developed the first online software to deliver low-cost prognosis approximation for a single breast cancer patient.  This enables the selection of patients who can safely decline chemotherapy.